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Ip Man 4: The Finale – Exclusive Official Fight Scene Clip

Ip Man 4 New Poster 

Ip Man 4 Final Chinese Trailer (Donnie Yen, Scott Adkins)


Robert Downey Jr. incorporates Wing Chun into his everyday life—including his films.

„This is all about focus.Wing Chun teaches you what to concentrate on, whether you’re here or out in the world dealing with problems. It’s second nature for me now. I don’t even get to the point where there’s a problem.“ „Wing Chun is all about guarding your center line.Don’t fight force with force; use two hands at the same time; concentrate on your own thing; and after you have that dialed in, effect the balance, look for openings, look for arms to be crossed.“ – 

Robert Downey Jr.


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First stills of  IP MAN 4

First look at IP MAN 4 teaser trailer, starring Donnie Yen and Scott Adkins!👊

Bruce Lee – Long Beach International Karate Championships (1964)


Happy 78th Birthday Bruce (11/27/1940)

Max Jin Zhang  – 

Work out –

Master Z: Ip Man Legacy