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Love the way she secures the grip, and the movement, that allows the throw in Kochi-guruma.



What an excellent day to punch things.



We took first in team kata at the Mountain States regionals today, and I took third in individual kata and kumite to round out our dojo’s sweep of women’s black belt events! We’ve just started working on Kanku Sho for our new team kata, so there’s definitely plenty to fix. It’s really coming together well, though!


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Allow me to talk martial arts for a minute…

So, I came across this video recently and though, “Interesting. Someone pointing out the flaws of Wing Chun”. Then I saw it was a Jeet Kune Do teacher and immediately got confused since Jeet Kune Do uses Wing Chun within its foundations.
So this dude starts talking and he’s right. He points out why Wing Chun doesn’t work and I agree with him. He’s spitting facts.
Then he fucks it all up. He demonstrates his version of Wing Chun which he says is from Ip Man’s lineage except he’s tailored it for more modern times.
Then he continues to demonstrate something that isn’t Wing Chun at all, let alone Ip Man’s Wing Chun.
Look, tucking your elbows in and punching in a straight line isn’t Wing Chun. There’s a lot more to it than that. He talks about moving his feet and Wing Chun has pretty distinct footwork. He’s moving like a boxer. So…not Wing Chun.
If you do Jeet Kune Do, just say you do Jeet Kune Do. If you want to speak out about how impractical Wing Chun is then go ahead. But don’t say, “Wing Chun is impractical as fuck. Let me show you my Wing Chun. Blah, blah, blah…Ip Man”. Fuck off.
And so many “Sifus” do this. They take a traditional style, tailor it by essentially butchering it and then call it a new modern style or some shit. “Combat Wing Chun” or “Street Silat”. It’s always got to have some snazzy, modern name…”Urban Praying Mantis”.
Don’t shit on something for ten minutes and then go, “Oh…but I made it better”.

So many teachers claim to teach JKD and half of them are bullshit. I’m not saying this guy is as I don’t know his background. But his attitude and his terrible demonstrations of what he things is “modern” Wing Chun makes me think he knows fuck all. But I’ve been known to be wrong. 



Fist of Fury 1972


Lightning fast reaction and a beautiful Tai-otoshi!