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‘Bruce Lee – Don’t Think,Feel’ Classic T-Shirt by blindninja: undefined

Yuan Herong

Donnie Yen –  Enter The Fat Dragon Trailer 3

Janice Hung

Bronte Coluccio

“Under pressure she became a diamond. Under pressure she became unbreakble.”
– r.h.sin

If life was always smooth sailing, if people were always easy to get along with, if things always went to plan, what kind of person would we be?

When we are faced with difficult times, that is when our character is truly developed.
I know many of you will be going through something right now but I want to encourage you to have hope – hope that this challenge will one day pass and you will be stronger because of it. ❤

Yue Wu 


“She Quan(Snake Fist):

Great performance!

Young Jackie Chan

Kung Fu Nuns