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Chuck Norris & Bruce Lee

Behind the Scenes of Fearless Jet Li & legend Yuen Woo Ping


Bruce Lee choreographing a fight scene for “Enter the Dragon”.

Wheels on Meals 1984

Behind the scenes of “Mile 22″.

Bruce Lee rehearsing with his stunt crew for “Game of Death”.

Gordon Liu on the set of “Martial Club” (1981).

Hwang Jang Lee with fellow actor (and student), Roy Horan, on the set of “Snuff Bottle Connection”.

Not an impressive picture by any stretch of the imagination, but it does show Donnie Yen on the set of his new film, “Enter the Fat Dragon”.

No fat suit in sight yet. I hope they’re not going the CGI route with this one.
I’m not hugely optimistic about this film but I am very interested to see how Donnie choreographs the fights when he’s “over-sized”.