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Hi! Previously I was a keen martial artist and was soon to be a black belt but due to recent health problems I am taking a break. Would you recommend keeping up with classes by watching or completely leaving for a bit? It’s completely okay if you have no idea but I want another opinion than my own. Thanks for your time.

Sorry you have to leave for a little bit, I hope you have a fast recovery and can return to it soon!

I, personally, would watch to help mentally practice, which can help with missed classes and make up for it in a way. As someone who has had to sit out due to injury before, it does kinda suck knowing you can’t take part, but just observing a class is also very helpful.

Good luck to you! 

Can a kid be capable of killing an untrained adult with krav maga if they were 4'8 or 5'1?

It all depends on the skill level of the “kid” (do you mean a child?) 

If you mean an actual child, then I don’t think a child would be capable of killing an adult based on skill alone, I guess? Size and weight have to be considered, along with years of training, precision of technique, etc. A child could probably, if trained hard enough, incapacitate an adult or get away from an adult long enough to get help or something.

If this is a question based on the credibility of krav maga alone, then I think any martial art can be lethal if trained consistently enough 🤷🏼‍♀️

My man, you seem like a dude with a good sense of humor, and I think when it comes to the CPAP machine, that's all it takes. I've been there and it can DEFINITELY be awkward, but i just tell a lady in advance. Anyone worth gettin' down with has a good sense of humor, and it's not like it's involved in the sexing you know? Like you said, it makes a ton of difference, and it's worth it. You get used to it. (Unrelated: work-party-drinking-pressure sucks, and 2X for alcoholics. Stay strong, man

Thanks, anon.

I was part-joking about the whole CPAP thing, but I do fear sexing a woman and having her sleep over. That’s the scary part. I’ve literally just feasted betwixt your thighs like some warm pancakes from iHop and now you have to see me turn into a cyborg just to get to sleep. You know what I mean?
Thankfully it happens after the sex. Otherwise, I imagine it would be one of the biggest possible turn offs a woman would have to face.

My college is about four hours away from where I’m currently living. I’m taking online classes to finish up the last few credits I have, then I’m moving up closer to my college most likely within the next year. 

I won’t be able to train at my college if there is a club there right away, but I do plan on going up to the campus again to get some more things sorted out, so I can check while I’m there!