Action speaks louder than words. They br…

      Action speaks louder than words. They bring us excitement, joy, laughter, and admiration. All these movies gave me that, and I just wanted to share them. I once had a goal to make gifs of all the amazing action scenes from movies I’ve seen but there were just too many!  

     So thank you everyone for following or just came across my dumb gifs. It’s not that I made any of these movies or would have ever dreamed of making them. I’ve decided to stop my tumblr(ing), though I do enjoy it, I feel like it’s time to bow out.

     I hope at least it gave everyone a slice of that affection and also a curiosity to seek out movies/shows such as these. They won’t win no Oscars, but, maybe, the need to have awards and accolades to affirm your position in life is everything that’s wrong with the world right now.

Like Bruce said in the beginning of “Enter The Dragon”

“Don’t think. Feeeeelll. It is like a finger, pointing away to the moon.”