So, a little tidbit on the ladder fight scene

This show does a lot of martial arts callbacks to previous famous films such as Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon, and A LOT OF JACKIE CHAN movies. Actually, most of the random weapons fights were inspired by his films, but this scene particulary is a Jackie Chan callback (the inspiration came from Jackie Chan’s 1996 film: First Strike). There’s even a funny little easter egg in there. I think. But first observe (ITB gifs courtesy of @martialartsactionclub ):


Of course, Sunny’s use is much more brutal than comedic, and he’s not using a flippy snappy metal step ladder, but the arm rolls and trap methods were definitely influenced by Jackie. And the little tidbit difference Imma mention to act like I’m funny? The wooden ladder used by Sunny was most probably not just an aesthetic choice, cause ya know, Badlands has metal. Nah, when Jackie did his famous scene, he actualy cut up his fingers really bad by the bolts and plates in the metal one and had to resand it down to use in the final shots. The ITB solution? Random wooden ladder secured by joint locking mechanism. No sharp metal edges to worry about. 😉