What is your opinion about Jackie Chan, Bruce …

What is your opinion about Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li as martial arts actors? I just recently felt atracted to the genre and these arte some of the most known actors, but I would like to see what a long time fan has to say, besides all the recognition and fame they've achieved.

Okay, here you go:

Jackie Chan – The guy reinvented the genre. Jackie Chan is one of the most important people in kung fu cinema and we cannot doubt his influence. Personally, I love him. Sure, he’s not meant to be a nice guy outside of film but let’s focus on his movies.
His filmography is littered with incredible movies. Not only did he star in dope films, he directed them too. He’s had slumps here and there and is definitely getting too old to do what he used to do, but he’ll forever have a place in my heart. Jackie Chan may be the biggest influence on kung fu cinema. He’s great.

Bruce Lee – Influential, a true martial artist and an incredibly engaging personality. Sadly, his filmography is a mixed bag. Watch “fist of Fury”, watch “enter the Dragon” and then call it a day. His moves are massively overrated in my eyes. Especially “The Big Boss”.
That doesn’t mean I hate him. I just hate the Bruce Lee fandom. Those people that post all of his quotes and see him as a god.
Again, he may not have been the nicest dude in real life but I appreciate everything he brought to martial arts and not just martial arts cinema. Bruce Lee is a true legend and icon.

Jet Li – Jet is a mixed bag. His films are very hit and miss. I also feel as though he was very limited in what he could do choreography-wise due to his wushu background.
Jet owned the 90′s though. his “Once Upon a Time in China” and “Fong Sai Yuk” films may be the best stuff he’s ever done. they really get the best out of Jet.
Oh yeah, his early stuff is phenomenal too. The “Shaolin Temple” series is fucking great.
But yeah, Jet’s had a wonky filmography. He’s stumbled in a lot of places. With that said, real fans of him will even love his bad stuff.
I’m super thankful that he made “Fearless” and “Hero” towards the end of his career because those two films are highlights.
I’m sad he’s retired but I know he’s unwell and getting old now. Still, he’s certainly a legend of the genre. But I think he’s applauded for his good stuff and most people tend to purposely forget about his bad stuff.