What are some good style vs style fights or mo…

What are some good style vs style fights or movies (e.g. Heroes of the East, aka Challenge Of The Ninja, aka Shaolin Vs. Ninja, aka Shaolin Challenges Ninja)?

To be honest, I think about 75% of old school kung fu films are style versus style. Here’s a few that come to mind though:

  • Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow (Eagle claw versus snake fist)
  • Encounters of the Spooky Kind (Monkey fist versus monkey fist)
  • Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow (Monkey fist versus snake fist)
  • Snake Deadly Act (Snake fist versus snake fist)
  • Thundering Mantis (Mantis fist versus eagle’s claw)
  • Dance of the Drunken Mantis (Drunken mantis versus medicine fist???)
  • Ip Man 2 (Wing Chun versus Hung Gar)
  • The Magnificent Butcher (Hung Gar versus some weird palm style)
  • Drunken Master (Drunken boxing versus Ying Yang style??)
  • Five Deadky Venoms (A shitload of styles versus styles)
  • Mystery of chess Boxing (Chess boxing versus five elements)

This is all I could come up with at 7:30am. I’m sure there are a shitload of obvious ones I’ve missed. Maybe the notes/reblogs will help you out a little more.