You seem to have a lot of confidence. Any tips…

You seem to have a lot of confidence. Any tips?

Me? Confidence? You’re asking the wrong bloke. I have exactly zero confidence. Well, in my self that is. I have no self-confidence whatsoever.
I think it’s easy to come across as confident online. It’s easy to type shit and seem comfortable with everything you’re saying.
But, in reality, that isn’t the case for me…at all. In person I’m a fucking wreck. I toil over everything I say, I’m filled with self-loathing regarding how I look. I judge myself all the fucking time. I need constant validation. Some people mistake it for ego and that sucks. Like, if I send a lady a picture of myself, I’m going to need some kind of compliment or else I’m going to assume they think I’m the ugliest piece of shit on Earth. This isn’t fair to them or me, but I can’t help it. I’m a very, very insecure dude.
But I’m glad I come across as confident to you. That’s nice. But know that isn’t the case at all. I’m a frothing cauldron of self-hate. YAY!