If you’re wondering where Gina Carano has been…

If you’re wondering where Gina Carano has been, here’s your answer. She’s sadly ended up in what looks like a pretty bad straight-to-DVD movie.
Granted, she’s no Daniel Day Lewis but I think she deserves better than this. Despite having poor acting skills, she’s proved herself to be a pretty good on screen martial artist.
This just looks like utter shit though. I’m hoping Ronda Rousey doesn’t go the same route. Her career seems to be a bit up in the air at the moment. She does have a Peter Berg directed film on the way and he’s a solid director, so we’ll see where she goes from there.
Poor Gina. It seems like she has nowhere to go. She’s not getting back in the cage any time soon. It’s sad to see her in a film like this. Especially after her role in “Deadpool”.