Are there any blogs that you follow, not becau…

Are there any blogs that you follow, not because they're good, but because you can't look away from the proverbial train wreck?

There’s one blog I literally HAD to unfollow because of how unfunny and cringe-worthy the dude is.
If someone is a train wreck, I typically unfollow. I can’t handle seeing someone like that. Which is probably ironic since I, myself, am a bit of a train wreck.
I like fucked up people. The mentally ill. Those with a deep darkness to them. I relate.
But people that try hard to be funny or personable and just don’t pull it off? That’s embarrassing to me. I’ll never follow someone because of that.
And no, I’m not naming names because this guy is actually pretty popular on Tumblr. People seem to love him.